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It’s only the beginning ...Somebody had to be 1st!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Somebody had to be first to prove it could be done! Are you living a life each day watching everyone fulfill their goals and dreams, thinking ”Why not me?” Do you feel less than ... not good enough? Do you continue to wait and make excuses to why you haven’t pursued your puprose or walked into your destiny? What is fanning the fear instead of the flame? I want to help you get delivered from false evidence appearing real! You have to recognize fear or it will stop you from walking into your greatness! Avoiding fear reinforces it; it allows you to appear calm and ok when your not! Instead I encourage you to challenge it, and face it, and replace it with FIYAH!

If your dreams don’t scare you a lil bit, they’re obviously not big enough! You should absolutely, most definitely desire things that seems impossible from the human eye! God is fascinated by our faith; he loves for us to not only trust his powers, but to test them as well. God is 100 % capable of fulfilling every desire in your heart if you delight in him. He has a 100% success rate! I encourage you to keep the same energy each day as we had on Inauguration Day for the Girl next door, understanding that we have the same powers to fulfill individual dreams! We may have worn chucks and pearls that day as a symbol of unity and support. If we continue to exemplify the same sisterly love, respect, pride, support and unity for every woman we encounter, just imagine how we can impact the world? Wear the pearls on your neck but don’t forget to have love in your heart. Wear the chucks on your feet, but don’t forget to walk in the fruits of the spirits. This is not one destination or accomplishment for one, our beloved @kamalaharris was our first example on our journey that nothing is impossible if WE believe and support US!

If you are stilll operating in fear instead of FIYAH or need help discovering your purpose, I would love to help, contact me ASAP!

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Deyona Mcgriff
Deyona Mcgriff
26 de jan. de 2021


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