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Anxious for Nothing!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Why? Because you're passionate, and you work so hard to obtain your goals. You eat, sleep & focus solely on the end results! Typically, you go through way more challenges than the average person! Typically, you're doing alot alone, for various reasons... people forget to check on the person who appears to have it all together!!! Oftentimes , you dont even know you look like we have it together. Typically, you think you look like you're falling apart! You don't want this title or the impression of being that person... you do many things because you have to... appearing weak, failing is not an option. But guess what? Taking a break is !!

So many people deal with this everyday! Aniexty is a form of steess... stress kills! If you're that are not alone! Find your place of peace, relax & find comfort in knowing God is with you & will allow everything to happen in his time!

If its not you.... Check on your family & friends that's out there purpose driven, hustling or whatever you wanna call it!! Many are NOT ok...

Check out my link in the bio...snatch a self care Journal today!

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