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A penny for your thoughts...Surviving Covid-19

Remember when outside was open and you didn't want to go outside?

Have you ever felt like giving up? Like really giving up --- to the point where you didn't even have the desire to get out of bed or get dressed or drive or talk or pray or breathe... or even LIVE.

Yet you still got up -- and you got dressed & looked like a million bucks. You not only laughed -- but you also told jokes. You didn't only attend events -- but you also helped plan them. You didn't just show up -- but you also were the life of the party! You smelled like the greatest fragrance in passing as your brilliant & successful image lit fiyah to every room you entered -- while you carried unspoken pain with a stench of sorrow. You were the perfect image of a beautiful book cover... with hurtful stories inside! I know that person very well. Man or woman, single or married, rich or poor, black, red or white... depression & mental illness play no favorites and they do not discriminate! However, they will not win when we learn to recognize it, call it what it is and tell it that it won't win! One of the major keys to becoming healed, whole and happy is discussing & discovering ways to overcome the stigma of mental illness & rediscovering the gift of mental health! And journaling is a great way to do just that. Join the journey with me and so many others... follow your fiyah to freedom... find yourself, your joy, your purpose and your smile again!

Do something special for yourself or someone you care about, order your journal today...write your vision and make it plain. @FiyahTyressaty Love, Peace, and Sauce

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Jun 20, 2022

Hey Fiyah Girl! I’m here, finally! I ordered my journal too. ❤️❤️🥰🥰


Hay!!!!! Love it!

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