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She is more than someone who overcomes the odds of both the

disabilities of ADHD and dyslexia.   
She is more than someone who was counted out for being a

single mother.  She is more than someone who was dealt a more

than hurtful hand ranging from the death of her grandmother

who raised her and the disappointment and hurt of failed

relationships from those we are raised to trust.


She is more than multiple bouts of homelessness, including the loss of both of her homes and livelihood from the storms of New Orleans (Katrina) and in Baton Rouge 2 years ago.  In fact, such challenges did put her on the brink of extreme depression and suicide. 
Given all of these life challenges, how does she even survive?  How does she overcome life’s challenges designed to put her in a space beyond the point of no return? 
It was only from her faith, as well as working through life’s fires to hone her inner “fiyah” was she able to do so.  From there, she realized her passion and purpose.   
She is more than just her credentials and successes, which exude an air of well-roundedness, competence, and completeness.  As a product of Southern University and A&M College (BA in Mass Communications) and The University of Phoenix (MBA with a concentration in marketing), her work in media, sales and marketing, and public relations, specifically with radio and television, are unparalleled.  With her PHRC (Professional Human Resources Certificate), her years of experience as a corporate trainer lend favorably in her innate ability to bring out the best of any individual or audience.  Combined with her community foundation as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and her place of worship, Living Faith Christian Center, her community, corporate, and entertainment acumen are highly sought after, including her key role as the brand manager for the legendary hip-hop artist Doug E. Fresh. Her brand and media management for Teddy Riley; Supporting Kelly Riley, Dru Hill, Tameka (Tiny) Harris and many more.
Her book Follow the Fiyah and related resource Follow Your Fiyah are evident of the balance she strives for but helps others focus on, ranging from professional, community, and personal goal-setting, self-image, and realizing your greater purpose.  Ranging from Divas and Dolls (which provides holiday cheer along with self-image and self-esteem building for young women of color) to her work with TRIO 
programs (which is responsible for Upward Bound and related community endeavors), her commitment to give back comes from a genuine space and place. 
Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty surely is a person and presence in entertainment, business, and the larger community, including her work with her management group, Fiyah Entertainment.  Just as she lives a life of passion and purpose, this is a mindset she instills within all she comes across.  All of us have a purpose and passion; all that is needed is fueling that “fiyah” for positive and impactful goals and outcomes. 
This is Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty, CEO of Fiyah Enteraintment. It’s time to feel and follow “that fiyah”. 

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